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Parcel Locker Policy, analysis and future recommendations

torsdag, januari 18, 2024

Sweden practices high amounts of deliveries to pick-up points and few home deliveries, a quality that is said to be protected given its positive environmental impact, flexibility, and reduced operational cost making Swedish society distinctive compared to other EU countries where every package is home delivered. Now, the Swedish market is growing and with growth comes shift.

PL policy

The Parcel Locker Policy project, funded by ASTER, has explored how policy can contribute to the development of policy lockers, aiding the transition towards strong climate-neutral last-mile deliveries, not compromising on Sweden’s strong environment-friendly agenda.

Take a look at Yulia’s presentation where she takes a deep dive into the development of parcel lockers in Sweden. You can expect examples of interesting contrasting countries, an explanation of how stakeholders in the Swedish market view the matter, different scenarios, the chain effect that the parcel locker policy creates, and a conclusion on that matter in the presentation.

Stakeholders that have been interviewed include actors such as Postnord, Bring, Instabee, DHL, Airmee, iBoxen, HFAB, MKB, Sveriges Allmännytta, Helsingborg stad, Sesam, Svensk Handel, the city of Stockholm and Post- och telestyrelsen. 

We started with a review of existing studies, cases, and policies in different markets, but Sweden as well. We have conducted interviews with some of the stakeholders, and stakeholder representatives, and then we synthesised the knowledge to develop recommendations for future development. Some of the cases to look around, to be inspired, to see where Sweden and Swedish lockers can move on. 

Yulia Vakulenko, Lund University

Take a look at the presentation

Wherever our customers, the e-tailers, want it [deliveries], and where the end consumer wants it - that's where we gonna be

Postnord AB

From the city's point of view, it [parcel locker] is an interesting infrastructure, and definitely has a role to fill in the city, but I'm not quite sure that they [companies] have found the right way for it yet.

Trafikkontoret, Stockholms Stad

Economy, environment, and social development is the essence [to parcel locker placement].

Halmstads Fastighets AB

Learn about the project

Parcel locker

Parcel locker Policy

Projektet Parcel locker Policy har kommit fram till att paketskåp (PLs) har en betydande potential att minska de negativa miljö- och samhällseffekterna av e-handelslogistik. Här kan du läsa om den...

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Josephine Darlington

Josephine Darlington

Lindholmen Science Park