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With the goal that every e-commerce delivery in Sweden should contribute to a active and sustainable society!

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Climate-neutral e-commerce

With this call, Vinnova wants to support ideas that can contribute to a sustainable transformation of e-commerce. The areas of innovation that you should focus on here are sustainable packaging solutions, return systems and delivery locations.
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Swedish trade leads the way - sustainable consumption is the future of our competitiveness

"Sustainable trade and consumption, is it possible? We think so. The trade sector is a Swedish area of ​​strength that is known worldwide for innovative, sustainable and smart goods and services. With this project, we want to show how Swedish trade and consumption can become more sustainable", says Josephine Darlington, ASTER.

Patchify - new concept is being tested to reduce the proportion of discarded garments - pilot companies are being sought

Patchify is now being launched - a concept that will simplify the recirculation of returned garments in e-commerce, garments that today are often discarded or thrown away. The concept is at the test stage and e-commerce companies in the Borås area are now being sought to be part of the pilot.

How does ASTER support the e-commerce industry?


The Forum for Eco-Labelling

In 2020, the Swedish Energy Agency initiated the "Sustainability labeling forum for freight transport and e-commerce" where the aim was to develop an industry-wide sustainability label for freight...

Cross-industry collaborations

ASTER wants to be a forward force in sustainable e-commerce, we constantly listen to new needs and want to create a workshop around things that need to be solved together. An example of this is the...
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What projects are in progress?

Here you can read about ongoing projects within ASTER.
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Our partners

Here you can find all of ASTERs partners.

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Do you want to get involved?

We must do this together! Do you have a concept or proposal for a project in the area? If so, feel free to send us your application and you will have the possibility of receiving support and joining our collaboration platform on sustainable e-commerce.

Main partners

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Host organisations

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