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How does ASTER support the e-commerce industry?


ASTER supports the industry by being able to be a neutral force in complicated matters, where we can listen, concretize what needs to be done and help the industry move forward. We do this by creating space for work forums such as the Sustainability Labeling Forum, which identifies and acts on what needs to be done to achieve more sustainable e-commerce transport.

The challenges linked to achieving an e-commerce that is efficient, competitive and sustainable can be difficult to solve by themselves within their organization or together with their suppliers. Sometimes the issues are complex and require a different kind of approach to create change, which ASTER can help with. 

By capturing and driving cross-industry issues such as industry agreements, industry practices and new standards. But also, when necessary, lead larger state-funded innovation projects that test new solutions, and business models and challenge existing regulations in order to achieve sustainable e-commerce. 

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The Forum for Eco-Labelling

In 2020, the Swedish Energy Agency initiated the "Sustainability labeling forum for freight transport and e-commerce" where the aim was to develop an industry-wide sustainability label for freight transport and e-commerce transport. The sustainability label for freight transport was aimed at goods owners and transport buyers and the sustainability label for e-commerce transport was aimed directly at consumers.

Cross-industry collaborations

ASTER wants to be a forward force in sustainable e-commerce, we constantly listen to new needs and want to create a workshop around things that need to be solved together. An example of this is the work we carried out together with Svensk Digital Handel linked to an industry agreement for fossil-free deliveries.
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What projects are in progress?

Here you can read about ongoing projects within ASTER.
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Do you want to get involved?

We must do this together! Do you have an idea or a proposal for a project in sustainable e-commerce? In that case, welcome to send us your application, or get in touch, and you have the chance to receive verbal, but also the possibility of financial, support.