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Aster i Almedalen

ASTER on site in Almedalen

"Being able to share but also take part in valuable knowledge and insights from experts is very important, it is therefore an excellent opportunity to be updated on the latest trends in e-commerce by...

Seattle impressed by “the Nordic countries' astonishing ability to lead innovation”

Future Mobility just participated in the Nordic Innovation Summit 2023, presented by the Washington State Department of Commerce. This event brought together visionaries, trailblazers, and leaders...
Glödlampa i en hand

Climate-neutral e-commerce

With this call, Vinnova wants to support ideas that can contribute to a sustainable transformation of e-commerce. The areas of innovation that you should focus on here are sustainable packaging...
Kvinna i galleria

Swedish trade leads the way - sustainable consumption is the future of our competitiveness

"Sustainable trade and consumption, is it possible? We think so. The trade sector is a Swedish area of ​​strength that is known worldwide for innovative, sustainable and smart goods and services. With...

Patchify - new concept is being tested to reduce the proportion of discarded garments - pilot companies are being sought

Patchify is now being launched - a concept that will simplify the recirculation of returned garments in e-commerce, garments that today are often discarded or thrown away. The concept is at the test...

Social sustainability - the next step to make Sweden's e-commerce the most climate-smart in Europe

"The right technology does not solve all sustainability challenges. We must focus on the social and economic sustainability to have an environmentally sustainable trade," says Naznoush Habashian...
lager för e-handel

The Swedish Energy Agency new financier - strengthens investment in sustainable e-commerce

ASTER, Alliance for Sustainable E-commerce, was started in the autumn of 2021 with funding from Vinnova and is now receiving increased support from the Swedish Energy Agency. The purpose of ASTER is...
Tom Thörnblom

Sustainable e-commerce - nothing we compete about

Cooperation within the entire supply chain is the key to more sustainable Swedish e-commerce. "No exceptions, now the industry must work forward and together!". In this interview with Tom Thörnblom...