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Get involved

Do you have an idea or a proposal for a project in sustainable e-commerce? In that case, welcome to send us your application, or get in touch, and you have the chance to receive verbal, but also the possibility of financial, support.

flera postpaket ges till en mottagare

ASTER offers many opportunities! It also means that there are various levels on which you can get involved in the partnership.

As an organisation, you can take an active and leading role in project management in all or parts of the projects. Another way to get involved is to be part of one or two projects by sharing your own specialist knowledge and experience, but, of course, benefit from others. There are no limits, only opportunities. If you do not have the time and resources for this within your organisation - don't worry! You can still play an important part by participating in seminars, events and workshops and be involved in the exchange of knowledge and experience.

fem personer inom aster står och pratar med varandra

We must do this together!

Do you have a concept or proposal for a project in the area? If so, feel free to send us your application and you will have the possibility of receiving support and joining our collaboration platform on sustainable e-commerce.

A little about how a concept can develop into a project

  • You and your organisation have an idea, you tell us about the idea and you or we, separate or together, work to contact the necessary organisations to make it possible.
  • Once the parties who can make it possible to implement the idea have been gathered, we start to collaborate on issues such as the potential budget, level of ambition, objectives and purpose of the project.
  • When this is in place we will help you find a funding option or potential funding you can apply for, as well as ensure that the project has project management.
  • Once we have been granted funding and the project is underway, we will take it from the conceptual stage to testing in a real-life environment!

Project selection

The seed

A project idea is submitted that fits within the framework of internal funds. The template is provided by the ASTER team after initial discussion.

The application is sent to the steering group

The project idea is concretized in an application and sent to the steering group.

The application is reviewed by the steering group

To ensure that the project idea is in line with ASTER's eight key areas and target image, the application is reviewed by the steering group. The steering group reviews and decides on new applications monthly.

Project start

A positive decision from the steering group shortly afterwards means project start.