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What projects are in progress?

Paket på väg

Here you can find projects that are currently in progress within ASTER. It is currently not possible to participate in the projects, but you can contact the project manager for more information or flag interest in participating in a follow-up project.

Branschöverenskommelsens effekter

Branschöverenskommelsens effekter (The effects of the industry agreement)

Syftet med detta projekt är att identifiera och beskriva effekterna av branschöverenskommelsen för den fossilfria leveransen. Att utforska dessa effekter generar viktig kunskap för att vidareutveckla...
Paket i brevlåda

Business models in sustainable package distribution - from the housing companies' perspective

With a starting point from the perspective of the municipal housing companies with the goal of contributing to the development of new business models and strategies for future real estate and...

Climate-Neutral Rural Logistics

The project addresses environmental issues related to CO2 emissions from e-commerce deliveries, accessibility to services in rural areas and cooperation between stakeholders. It explores the...
paket på paket

E-com Ready

Reduced climate footprint, better working environment, more efficient working methods and cheaper deliveries. With e-commerce-adapted deliveries, e-commerce can reduce its climate impact and at the...
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The objective of e-COMSTRAT is to provide new knowledge about how municipalities can achieve an improved urban environment through access to delivery data. By taking part in delivery data, e-COMSTRAT...

Gordon Circular - A circular package for home delivery of food

The strong growth of e-commerce in recent years has been positive for the growth of many Swedish companies. Unfortunately, the amount of waste, as a result of the disposable packaging in which home...
fraktboxar och packtejp ligger på ett bord

Large-scale, coordinated and customized e-commerce deliveries

Large-scale, coordinated and customized e-commerce deliveries will test a new large-scale solution for sustainable food deliveries, where chilled foods are transported in a reusable carton that adds...
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Modeling of real estate transports close to real estate

In the feasibility study Modeling of freight transport close to real estate, the conditions for modeling expected volumes of freight transport close to real estate (parcel deliveries, postal...
Parcel locker

Parcel locker Policy

Projektet Parcel locker Policy har kommit fram till att paketskåp (PLs) har en betydande potential att minska de negativa miljö- och samhällseffekterna av e-handelslogistik. Här kan du läsa om den...
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The feasibility study aims to increase the amount of clothing that is reused in Sweden by facilitating donations from consumers. The project will contribute to a great environmental benefit in the...


Patchify - a concept that will simplify the recirculation of returned garments in e-commerce, garments that today are often discarded or thrown away.
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PayItForward - Digital solutions for increased recycling of textiles

PayItForward is a feasibility study that will investigate the conditions for more efficient e-commerce. The purpose of the feasibility study is to increase the lifespan of more products through the...