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E-commerce is complicated, but there is a great deal of potential for future development.

The University of Lund and Lindholmen Science Park have now brought organisations from society, business and academia together in this Vinnova-funded initiative. The initiative has the aim to ensure that every e-commerce delivery in Sweden will contribute to an active society and be sustainable.

E-commerce in Sweden is growing by the day. And we need to work together to make Swedish e-commerce more sustainable! A large number of organisations in Swedish commerce have now decided to collaborate around this in an initiative to create more sustainable e-commerce. On the basis of new innovations, we can work together to create an efficient, competitive e-commerce system with no negative impacts on the climate or human health.

Key Areas

Asters nyckelområden


"How can e-commerce transport be made more sustainable" is the name of the government assignment that Transport Analysis presented the results for in the autumn of 2020. Vinnova also realised that e-commerce and retail are important areas for a sustainable society in the future. With this insight and to gain a clear picture of the current situation of e-commerce in Sweden, Vinnova launched the Future Sustainable E-commerce project, for which ReLog and CLOSER were responsible. The results showed that there was a strong need to develop Sweden's e-commerce in the future and in collaboration with more organisations. 

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Short Facts

The funding from Vinnova will last for three years, starting in the autumn of 2021. There will be a total budget of SEK 10 400 000, of which SEK 4 500 000 has been earmarked for the cooperative project that forms part of the initiative and aims to apply for external funding for large-scale innovation projects.

ASTER's steering committee

Below you can read about who is part of ASTER's steering group, and which organisation they belong to and what their area of ​​responsibility is. ASTER's steering group represents the partnership and contributes by prioritizing which areas should be prioritised and assessing and approving projects seeking funding. But most importantly, you can read what their heart issues are!

Arne Andersson

Arne Andersson

Svensk handel
What issue that is closest to my heart is to help develop e-commerce in Sweden to become profitable...
Daniel Benett

Daniel Benett

Dagab Inköp & Logistik AB
Head of Transport Development
Daniel is passionate about helping to deliver Sweden's most sustainable, affordable and modern...
Ida Granqvist

Ida Granqvist

Skanska Fastigheter Göteborg AB
Market area manager Logistics
Idas question that is close to her heart is to be involved and to contribute to sustainable urban...
Naznoush Habashian

Naznoush Habashian

PostNord Sverige
Sustainability manager
I have a strong conviction that regardless of what activities are conducted, one should work...
John Doe bild

Joakim Jägare

Post- och telestyrelsen (PTS)
Project leader
How should we succeed in contributing to deliveries and transports taking place in a sustainable way...
John Doe bild

Christina Kvarnström

Area Leader Sustainable Mobility
Charlotte Lorentz Hjorth

Charlotte Lorentz Hjorth

Lunds Universitet
Project leader and coordinator
For many years, I have worked in various constellations to build capacity in innovation ecosystems...
Ann Sonne

Ann Sonne

VP of Communication & Sustainability
Cecilia Tall

Ann Sonne

VP of Communication & Sustainability
Christina Thulin

Christina Thulin

Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner
Expert planning and construction
How do we create forms of collaboration and dialogue to build a common understanding of complex...
Tom Thörnblom

Tom Thörnblom

Head of Communications & Sustainability
The transition to fossil-free deliveries, all the way from warehouse to place of delivery. To work...

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