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Patchify - new concept is being tested to reduce the proportion of discarded garments - pilot companies are being sought

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Patchify is now being launched - a concept that will simplify the recirculation of returned garments in e-commerce, garments that today are often discarded or thrown away. The concept is at the test stage and e-commerce companies in the Borås area are now being sought to be part of the pilot.


Behind the initiative for Patchify is the company ProFlow, which are specialists in logistics solutions. They have tied up with the Nordic Textile Academy, which works with the supply of skills for textile companies, and Easycom, which are experts in return handling. All based in Borås. Together, they will now test a future solution for the circular society in a project financed by ASTER.

The basis of the concept is to connect complaint handling with repairers and new sales, where handling is added only when the item is resold. By linking the handling to customer orders, profitability must be secured.

Att tänka i nya banor och hitta nya lösningar är vägen fram för att minska påfrestningen på vår planet. Vi behöver använda det material som redan finns tillgängligt och samtidigt göra det lönsamt. Det känns väldigt meningsfullt för oss på ProFlow att vara en del av detta initiativ.

Charlotte Elmquist, CEO, ProFlow

Contribute to increased profitability and reduced environmental impact

The pilot should result in a Proof of Concept of the system with a defined financial model that can be scaled up. The project's ambition is that the pilot company will clearly reduce the proportion of discarded garments, which will thus increase profitability and reduce the environmental impact. As the project is financed, the pilot companies only need to invest the employees' time and commitment.

"By upcycling products that are currently discarded/thrown away, this leads to a positive impact on the environment. It turns a cost into a revenue for the e-tailer and offers the consumer the opportunity to both buy environmentally friendly and, if they choose, be part of the process by repairing the product themselves", says Christian Lundell, CEO, Nordiska Textilakademin.

Interested in participating in the pilot? Contact Us!

Does your company want to participate as a pilot? Contact us, and we will tell you more and decide whether we should carry out this pilot with you in particular!